Medication Discount Programs

Pharmaceutical care can represent from 20-30% of the total expense of fertility care. (The choice of product and provider for pharmaceutical service is strictly up to you and your doctor.) The ability to finance the cost of your fertility medication is available.

Our goal at AFC Texas is to ensure that our patients have ways to ease the financial burden of infertility treatment.

Pharmaceutical care can represent from 20-40% of the total expense of fertility care. The ability to finance medication cost or work with any type of discount program can be very beneficial.

AFCT works with medication discount programs for our cash-paying patients, which may offer Co-pay savings cards, mail in rebates and additional savings through mail orders and pharmacy’s. *some restrictions apply.

Our office staff is aware of medication discount programs available to our patients, and we research each one regularly to find maximum savings.


If you have any further questions please about the medication discount program call our office at (713)467-4488 one of our highly trained staff members will be able to assist.